If you receive calls from these two numbers, don’t answer, is a fraud!

Criminals is very creative. Have now created a new form of fraud that are passed by the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) to obtain personal and banking data of their victims and subsequently their money.

Government launches fraud alert via Spoofing; we tell you how to protect yourself

So warned the same Condusef in his official account of Twitter, where specific that the fraud is being committed parent of two phone numbers: 5554921123 and 5546517338. It also gives the names of Tania Sarmiento, White, Red, and Carla Torres like the names of the false advisers who commit fraud.

According to the report our partners Chilango, the modus operandi of this fraud is to call to give you the “good news” that you earned a bonus in the amount of claim… is likely to be a fraud especially if they ask for your bank account details.

In your call you say you deserve a bonus and you ask data of your credit card and the cell phone number with which you registered in mobile banking.

Condusef recommended not to answer or provide personal data. She also recalled that the institution is not authorized to request personal information by phone, or visit the home of its users, so keep it in mind.

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