If you answer these 10 questions with a yes, then you are an alcoholic

“It may be that the alcohol is the worst enemy of human beings, but the Bible says: ‘love your enemies’”. If you you stated with a smile at this phrase of Frank Sinatra, then, you can have serious problems with the drink. Possibly you have an addiction, but you don’t know. How do I find out? Where is the limit and when can you consider a person an alcoholic?

Great.guru decided to figure out this issue and, based on research of the Independent, we find 10 clear signs of alcoholism. If you answer these questions with a resounding yes, then it is a good reason to begin to change your life.

1. Do you get bored without alcohol at parties?

If you think that there is not a night as boring as you pass it in the company of people that don’t drink, can’t dance, and philosophize without alcohol, and to receive an invitation to any event you think there is to leave the car at home… No, you’re not a party person, it is simply the first sign of a severe dependency to alcohol.

2. Have you tried alcohol before the age of 15?

If at the age of 13 you started to say phrases such as: “alcohol is the anesthesia that allows you to survive the operation called life”, you’ll be disappointed. According to the results of some research, with the “start drinking” precisely at that age there is a high probability of awakening latent genes of predisposition to alcohol, if you have them.

3. Do you take more than planned?

If you do, time and again, you promise before you go to a party do not take more than two drinks, but at the end of the night you do not comply with your promise, it is time to reflect.

Just in case, you make clear what amount of alcohol is safe: no more than 14 units per week, approximately 1.5 of wine or 5 glasses of beer. Of course, those are the data averages. A good way of autocontrolarte is to download the application iDrinkSmarter, that will help you manage the dose established to avoid a hangover and other unpleasant consequences.

4. What alcohol is part of your philosophy?

If you also think that all people are valuable in the country, all the people that you need, always take them as pigs, and all that crowd grey and clueless dies in sobriety, then, with that philosophy one day you risk to wake up in the solitude of the hangover in a station of the metro.

5. Do you forget moments of the holidays?

Waking up in an unknown place with strangers and not remembering what happened the previous night, is only possible in movies. But for normal people, it is a sign of alcoholism. The doctor of science from the California Institute of Technology, Sheldon Cooper, said: “the loss of memory is the free prize at the bottom of each bottle of vodka”.

6. Do you bother the people that criticize you for that you have taken too much?

For example, just when you start to celebrate something, but suddenly appears a friend and you say this sentence: “John doe, that amount as impressive of alcohol can aggravate your health problems.” What kind of person are you?

7. Do you have traditions alcoholic?

A glass of champagne to sleep well, a glass of whisky to have a day dynamic, a gallon of beer out of respect for the work week that ended: in the first place, all of these similar traditions to increase a large amount of alcohol consumed by you, and in the second place, it is an attempt to justify your vice. Before you know it, you’ll be taking it for every little stress in your life.

8. Do anyone has called you an alcoholic in jest?

That moment when you consider yourself a party person, the personification of joy and euphoria, but your friends call you simply alcoholic.

9. Do you have secret places?

If you have your own bar hidden, which you call “my treasure”, and regularly what you remember at times heavy, then you’re very wrong. The consumption of alcohol hidden from family and friends is a frequent symptom of the early stages of addiction.

10. Have you ever felt embarrassed by night actions?

You don’t have amnesia, you remember perfectly what happened the previous night at the party, but you can’t believe the dreadful things you did. Not only does your mood change cup cup, but also your personality… it Is an illustrative example of alcoholism and the end point in our list.

To this we can add only a reflection of the old Hemingway: “When sober, put into practice all the promises you have made drunk, as this will help to keep the mouth shut”.

If you have read this article nervously without knowing your result, it is also a sign of alcoholism, a friend. It is time to stop.

I and others can live peacefully knowing that they are not alcoholics! For this reason, it is worth to celebrate by taking… a glass of rich and healthy smoothie.

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