If you arrepentiste sending a message, Facebook Messenger will give you 10 minutes to delete it

The fact of sending messages to wrong people is a fairly common situation in social networks, however, it may stop passing with the new feature of Facebook Messenger.

The idea of this tool is that users no longer worry about those texts that were sent by mistake or where the recipient was not indicated, because they will have 10 minutes to delete them.

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This feature has been made known through the discovery that was made recently in the release notes 191.0 client of the platform to iOS, where it explains that users of Facebook Messenger will have only 10 minutes to be able to perform the deletion:

“Coming soon: deletes a message from a thread to a chat after it has been sent. If you send accidentally the photo is incorrect, the incorrect information or the wrong message, you can easily correct by deleting the message within ten minutes of having sent it”.

Despite the fact that it is something innovative, the measure would come a little late, as instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram have implemented a long time ago.

Facebook Messenger already will tell you if you’re chatting with fake accounts

However, the latter does not remove the fact that now all the bad messages they can get rid in the social network.

On the note of where he left the information, not specific the release date, but it is believed that it will be in the next year.

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