If an iPad Pro 2018 you have, knowing these gestures you have to

The iPad Pro 2018 have arrived to Mexico in an official way and that only means one thing: learn all of it for the maximum benefit, so to do this you must learn a couple of gestures.

The gestures emerge after Apple decided that its new iPad Pro would not have a home button, so these must be used yes or yes to be able to control them properly.

Although the gestures are explained in a tutorial done by the company, there are many more that are not given to know to be able to easily navigate through the iPad Pro 2018.

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Gestures to control the iPad Pro

Wake up your iPad

This is the point number one, because he may be waking up to the iPad Pro and begin to use it, so it is important to know the way in which they must “turn on”.

To do so it should only be a touch screen Liquid Retina and with this, he will be able to see some simple aspects such as notifications, media playback, and/or time.

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First unlock and then use

The previous topic was meant to just watch the screen for a few minutes, because if you want to start working on the iPad Pro 2018, you need to unlock and to do this you have to tap and then slide up, just like the swipe up that are made in Urges Stories to go to a Youtube video.

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Control center activated

If you want to connect to the Wifi network, turn up the brightness or volume, turning on the flashlight and the timer, or have everything that makes the control center, it is sufficient to pull the right corner of the screen in the form of diagonal and ready.

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Apps here, apps there

In the event that you want to see the apps that are on the bottom bar of the screen, you need to swipe your finger up, but only about 2 or 3 centimeters, because otherwise what will happen is what the following gesture.

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Going back to the start

As said, if you come to swipe your finger up over the account, what will happen will be that it will come to the
home screen, so if the plan is to go to that place, then you should do it this way, and with a quick movement.

Resultado de imagen para ipad pro 2018 pantalla de inicio

I don’t want this app, I want another

It is common that when working on a project, you need different tools to shape it as you want, so you must open all as required and to achieve this you can use the Changer apps/App Switcher.

Doing so is simple: slide your finger upwards starting from the bottom of the screen, but in a slow way, this is for you to begin to appear in other apps.

Resultado de imagen para ipad pro 2018 Apps

Ciérrate, sesame

When it is the opposite case and want to close the apps, you should do the same as the previous point with a small modification that is throwing the thumbnails of the applications above.

Resultado de imagen para ipad pro 2018 pantalla de inicio

Change of apps in seconds

To be able to make a quick use of all of your apps, you can move the bottom bar of the screen to the right and
left, and this way will show all the tools that are/were using.

Resultado de imagen para ipad pro 2018 apps

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