Yes, Whatsapp Business lets you send messages from your phone fixed

In the mid of the month of January, Whatsapp announced the launch of Whatsapp for Business or Whatsapp Business, its new application designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, available for Android and in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the united States.

This new implementation of the messaging app used most in the world –employs 1,500 million active monthly users in the world and each day are sent to 60,000 millions of messages- it puts companies into contact with its customers and provides useful information of enterprises (address, e-mail or web page), in addition to messaging tools to respond quickly.

The application also provides statistics of messages, as the number of messages sent and read, and allows you to send and receive messages with Whatsapp Business from the computer or from the fixed phone.

Send messages from the computer is not new. As we explain in LD when Whatsapp allowed to write messages thanks to the web version or install the application on the desktop of your computer.

The novelty is that now the extension of Business will leave you to write messages from the phone fixed. To do this you will need to indicate on the application that you are going to use the number of fixed telephone instead of mobile. Once the application gives you the option to ‘call me’, the user will receive a call on such a phone to verify your identity, in such a way that they can use the two accounts: the one that you have associated to your mobile phone and the landline phone of your company.

The profiles of the companies will show a ‘tic’ green when you have verified them by Whatsapp, after you verify that the account number matches the phone number of the company.

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