Being a lover of shopping, I spent a year without buying new clothes. And it drove me crazy!

Are you familiar with the situation when your closet is full and you feel that you have nothing to wear? Nothing of nothing! But that “nothing”, which barely fits in the wardrobe, it cost a lot of money and took a lot of time on shopping trips. And in the end, everything turned out to be completely unnecessary.

There is only one way to avoid these situations: stop buying clothes.

My name is Sacha, and I stopped shopping for clothes more than a year ago. Expressly for the readers of the, today I will tell how I adopted that style of life and where I took the same.

Previously, I had at my disposal a wardrobe staff and enough money to fill it

Already as a student, I tried to make a living. Didn’t have to pay rent, so they had enough money to buy many new clothes. Therefore, purchases are not scheduled with friends or with my mother were something usual. Now I understand that buying things that are not needed, that I did not provide you joy, and simply put on the shelf without the possibility that I put it on.

In the house of my parents I had my separate room with my own wardrobe. It was enough space for the clothes of a person, so even when things were falling from shelves, it seemed to me that it was not yet full.

But with all the diversity of options, once I realized that I had nothing to wear to go out with my friends

We had been with my friends long time no see, and I wanted to get something nice for our meeting, but without pomposity unnecessary. At the time of leaving I was not able to find appropriate clothing, and I got so angry that I was about to stay at home. However, at the last moment changed my mind, I wore jeans with a t-shirt and I ran to the cafeteria. It turned out that I chose my tire with my choice: all dressed, in the same way.

Being in the right situation, I made the wrong conclusions: I decided that I lacked a costume, and I spent more than half my salary on new clothes.

Going on a month, we rented an apartment with my boyfriend (with a small closet for two) and I realized that:

  • You would have to reduce my wardrobe in the eighth part;
  • She needed more money and could not spend all my salary on clothes as before.

In the end, I took only the clothing that I liked, that I used regularly and with joy, and I allowed my parents to donate or divide my garments while not the saw.

As a result, a large wardrobe was reduced to a single rack

The rack was filled with clothes that had nothing to do with fashion, but were lovely and so comfortable that they felt as if they were my second skin. Interestingly, after reducing my wardrobe, the question of what to wear began to visit me much less often. To get rid of the unnecessary, I experienced a satisfaction amazing and I promised myself that for a year would not buy anything else (underwear does not count).

At the beginning, we didn’t have money to spare: everything was for the apartment rent and small expenses. We also needed a long time to follow our studies. But after my boyfriend and I graduáramos of the university and started to work with all our strength, began to appear funds that we could use to give us a whim.

To avoid filling up junk unnecessary our house, with my boyfriend we prescribe a target that it would be worthwhile to spend our money

That aim were a holiday. With the money saved on clothes we wouldn’t have enough for the trip desired, so we decided to collect more funds.

First we bought several board games to rent, with home delivery, and then add equipment for children and power tools.

It would be a lie if I said that this year we became rich, but we managed to:

  • Save for the holiday (part of the money, by the way, what you brought back);
  • Receive additional income;
  • To live a whole year without having to scrimp.

I got used so much to my clothing modest, I think that could be more extensive

Yes, some garments have changed their appearance. But I learned to repair clothes and to hide the stains that are not removed. I stopped paying my attention to the fact that something is stretched, pretending that this light neglected is a touch of fashion.

But, sooner or later, everything comes to an end. However, yesterday, I bought my first dress of the year. It was a wedding dress (which, by the way, I plan to use after my wedding).

Based on my own experience, I can tell all of you that believe, as I before, you have nothing to wear:

To have something to put on, you just need to have less clothing.

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