Seven good recommendations for personal defense you advised a professional

Many items of personal defence tell us in detail about the most effective techniques of self-defense that can help women in case of an attack. collected recommendations effective and simple techniques to learn for different situations. The you can make any woman regardless of height and weight of your opponent.

1. To start recalls on these vulnerable areas

No matter how big and strong the opponent in front of you, you can disable either if you remember these vulnerable areas. The main of them are: the eyes, the nose, the throat, the solar plexus, the groin and the knee.

You can attack as is, but to be sure 100 percent of your victory worth remembering these effective techniques that affect these areas.

2. The most effective techniques and simple

One of the best techniques is to lock the wrist, this will make any giant scream of sadness and drag knees. With one hand taking the pinky and the ring finger of your opponent, with the other the middle finger and the index. Pulls the fingers towards the sides and at the same time the wrist is bent upward.

If you can not take the hand of your opponent, hit with a finger or with the fist in the area between the shoulder blades or in the well-known Adam’s apple. With this, you desorientarás the enemy forcing him to take your throat and recover.

An obvious place to attack, hold or hit is to the inguinal region. There is the first place where I advise you against hitting on any course of self-defense.

A blow in this region literally paralyzes your enemy, and while he is puzzled, you get to escape.

3. If they catch you from the front

If they catch you from the front in such a way that you can’t raise your hands, do the following: colocalas and put them together in the form of a padlock in the pelvic area. This will create a sufficient resistance between the aggressor and your.

After this, with all your strength hits with your in front of your nose. Due to this blow, your opponent will step back and will be the most opportune moment to strike with your knee to his genitals.

If your opponent passes too close to you, then you have the possibility to protect yourself using the base of your palm. Straighten your left arm and with the base of the right hand strikes abruptly your opponent in the jaw or in the nose. Then, performs the movement, already so well known to us, with the knee in the crotch.

As a result, your opponent will be disoriented and not be able to move normally for a long time.

4. How to free up your hands

You can easily free yourself from a trap if you remember the rule about the “thumb”, which involves rotating the hand toward the side of the thumb of your opponent.

If you have taken your hands and holds them firmly, by means of abrupt circular motion rotates the wrist towards the side of the thumb. When the hand of the offender is present at the bottom, take it to you in an abrupt way.

5. If you grab from behind

Often the criminals attack from behind, as with a capture like this the hands of the victim will be in such a way that she can’t move them.

To escape from such a position, abruptly lean backwards and try to hit your neck of the opponent. If you do not get this, nothing happens, our goal was that the perpetrator placed a foot in front.

Now suddenly lean down, take it of the foot exposed and get up by pulling your foot toward you. Because of this, again the center of gravity of the attacker will change, and it will not be difficult to throw it on the floor even the largest opponent.

6. If you came up to you and captured from side

The nudge is one of the hits most traumatic in all of the martial arts. Exactly there are that use this technique if he has approached you from the side.

With movements bent hits the temples, jaw, or the nose of your enemy. After the beating, the aggressor will go back, so that it is time to golper with the elbow, your abdomen or your chest.

The nudges are so strong for any opponent that it will suffer a terrible trauma.

7. If you put against the wall

Often the criminals try to lead your victim into a corner or put it up against the wall. In this case, it is time to remember the vulnerable areas, and depending on the position to hit exactly one of them.

  • If both hands of your opponent are planted in the wall, stretch your palms and with a strong movement strikes his armpits.
  • If a hand is ignored, then you have a chance of surprising your opponent with a punch in your chest, jaw, or neck.
  • One of the most effective techniques and strong is the head butt. Sit back a little bit so that you’re lower than your opponent. Then with a strong movement jumps, hitting with your forehead to your jaw. This technique quickly desorientará to your opponent and will give you the chance of escape.

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