Simplii wants to conquer the mexican market with their new Internet plans unlimited

Simplii, the OMV (Virtual Mobile Operator), which we regard as the best of its kind in Mexico last year continues to surprise its users in Mexico to become the second OMV in the country to offer a package of Internet, calls and unlimited messages.

The first to do so was Unefon, however, Simplii want to go a step further, mentioning that not only is this the best deal of unlimited Internet in Mexico, but is also designed so that each user can choose the unlimited data plan that is right for you.

So, Simplii launches two new plans, the Unlimited and Unlimited Premium, which offer different benefits and prices. The proposal of Simplii is the following:

As we can see, the Unlimited plan is perfect if we don’t go out of the country, and if you also do not need to share data from our plan to other devices, that is to say, to use our phone as a Hotspot.

Simplii, the first OMV mexican offering extended coverage and international roaming

The Unlimited plan Premium also offers the option to share up to 5,000 Megabytes per month (almost 5GB), a situation that we do not see in any other operator prepaid in Mexico. In addition, we have the benefit that we can use up to 5,000 MB in the overseas, specifically in the united States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Now comes the million dollar question… where is the trick?, do you apply a fair use policy? In the case of Unefon, when the user consumes over 10GB in less than 24 hours, the service reduces your speed drastically for the rest of the day, but with Simplii, the situation is different.

The company has commented that there is in fact the famous policy of fair use, and also the customers will be able to use up to 10GB in 24 hours, but, in case of exceeding this amount (which is very high), the company may modify the speed of loading and unloading of client data.

It is important to emphasize that it is a could be, but before you apply any adjustment to the speed of the user, the company will contact their clients to find out if there are any problems or important situation that has generated excessive consumption in the line for each user, and based on this information make a decision.

Comparison of the best Virtual Mobile Operators, 2017

Kristian Kuhn, CEO and founder of Simplli, mentioned the following:

The commitment of Simplii with the users of mobile telephony in Mexico is to offer the best product on the market and that we will achieve this with innovative offers, the better and more effective customer service, honesty, transparency, and user experience of the highest quality.

Will this be the best offer in the prepaid market in Mexico?

At the end of the year we will evaluate what were the best deals of telecommunications in the country, so that there is still a long time to know if the new unlimited plans Simplii could be the best on the market, however, considering what there is at this time in our country, and the benefits of using it, I could say that these are the best unlimited plans of prepaid that currently we can find in Mexico.

It is a reality that with Unefon there is the possibility to hire by the day, week, fortnight and month, while with Simplii we can only make a hiring bi-weekly and monthly. However, the advantage of Simplii is that it offers different prices depending on what the user is looking for, in addition to that it allows you to share our data with other devices, and above all increases the amount of megas available overseas, as other services may only be used within our country.

Now is the time that each user decides what offer seems the most appealing based on their interests. In the next few days I’ll share a more detailed analysis of both commercial offers so that you can choose with better clarity the offer that suits them.

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