Simplii vs. Unefon: What OMV has the best unlimited plan for Mexico?

A couple of days ago, the OMV (Virtual Mobile Operator) known as Simplii launched its offer of unlimited plans in Mexico, thus becoming the second OMV of our country in offering a risky bet that until some time ago was an exclusive of the income plans.

Unefon was the first to take the risk with this type of offers, that when launched Unefon Unlimited, a plan whose main attractions are their prices and methods of recruitment. For its part, Simplii has not only wanted to compete against the OMV of AT&T, but to improve the offer, and for this reason have come plans, Unlimited and Unlimited Premium.

Well, here we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each plan so that you can choose the one that suits you most based on your needs and interests.

Commercial offer

The plans of Unefon and Simplii share some similarities, but there are many things that are different, so here you have a comparison table with both offers.

Fair use policy

Let’s start with one of the most important parts to understand as it is the policy of fair use, one that has each company to define when a user is making excessive use of the service, and therefore can affect the experience of use of the network of other clients.

In the case of both plans, will be offered 10GB daily within the fair use policy, that is to say, you have a usage limit of 10GB per day. We’re talking about a good amount of data per day, so it would be difficult to overcome this limit, however, there are users that consume even more than this every 24 hours.

If you hire the service of Unefon and raisins 10 GB, on auto it will lower the speed of upload and download data to 3 Mbps for the rest of the day (24 hours). If we consider that the speed of data downloads on a 4G network is about 25 Mbps, and 3G 10 Mbps, then the fact that we are sailing to 3Mbps is going to diminish significantly our experience of use, however, by the fact of being unlimited plans can not cut the service, so that you can continue navigating, slow, but navigating to end of accounts.

In the case of Simplii something similar, with the difference that if the user passes these 10GB the company could reduce the speed of the service. Here it is very important to clarify that it could happen, not that it will be a fact. Simplii we have commented that in the event that it happens, will communicate with the client to know what has happened, and after you have all the information you will determine if your speed will be reduced, however, it does mean that you will go down to a specific amount, as mentioned, the decisions will be taken at the time depending on the client’s situation.

Hence, one who offers a better service in this section is Simplii.

Mode of recruitment

There are those who prefer to hire a service by the day, week, fortnight, or month, and now it’s time to talk about what offers each company in this mode.

As you see in the comparison table, Unefon offers its unlimited plan in 6 different modes, ranging from a day up to 30 days. On the other hand, Simplii offers only hiring bi-weekly and monthly.

In the case of Unefon, no matter what modality you sign up, as the price to pay will always be the same, that is to say, if you hire a day you will end up paying the same for 30 days if you buy the plan that has that duration.

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At Simplii the case is different, because if you buy the monthly plan ahorraríaas 50 pesos unlike what you’d end up paying per month if you buy the plan bi-weekly.

Here Unefon is the winner to offer the same price and more recruitment options.


The price many times what it all, there are people who opt for a product specified by its cost and not by what it offers, so it is important to offer the best price available in relation to the quality of your product.
The package of Unefon is worth $300 MXN for 30 days, and as mentioned, no matter what you pay per day, week, fortnight, or month, you always pay the same.

With Simplii we will have two prices, since there are two different plans, the Unlimited and Unlimited Premium. In the case of the Unlimited plan, this has a cost of $225 MXN for 15 days, or $399 MXN per 30 days. The unlimited plan Premium for your part costs $300 MXN per 15 days and $549 MXN for 30 days.

So, Unefon is more economical, but be careful, because at the beginning I mentioned that there must be a good quality/price ratio, and it is here where you can change your opinion about the package that best suits you.

The value-added

Let’s start with Unefon, because in addition to the Internet, your service offers unlimited talk & text from Mexico to the united States and Canada. On the other hand, the unlimited minutes, unlimited messages can also be used in the united States and Canada, but the data can only be used within Mexico.

Likewise, Unefon does not allow you to use your phone as a Hotspot, that is to say, you can’t share the Internet that you have in your phone to other devices.

With Simplii all depends on the plan you have, if you contract for the Unlimited, then you can only use your calls, messages and unlimited data within Mexico, and you don’t have the possibility of sharing the Internet. But if you have the Unlimited Premium, you can use your calls and messages in Mexico and also in the united States, Canada and Puerto Rico. In the case of the Internet, you will also be able to use it in these countries, although not unlimited, because with the plan, bi-weekly, you’ll be able to enjoy of up to 2,500 MB in the foreign, and up to 5,000 MB if you buy the monthly plan.

But the best news is that the Unlimited plan Premium also lets you share your Internet with other devices; in the case of the modality bi-weekly it allows you to share up to 2,500 MB, and the monthly contracting climbs to 5,000 MB during all the period of your active plan.

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Simplii has commented that he is already working on the feature for users to be able to use your calls and unlimited messages to call from Mexico to the united States, Canada and Puerto Rico, but if you travel to those countries if you can use them to call Mexico, it is a matter of time for this option to be working.

On the other hand, Simplli account with another benefit, and that is that in both plans (Unlimited and Unlimited Premium) offers the modality of extended coverage, that is to say, you’ll be able to use the network of Telcel in areas where Telefónica does not offer service, this after the agreement between Telefónica and América Móvil in 2017.

AT&T also signed a similar agreement with Telcel, but Unefon does not have this type of coverage , so that where AT&T does not offer service, because Unefon may not be used. Although the advantage of them is that you’ll have 4G coverage in some of the Metro Lines.

And a very important point that I cannot let pass is the support and care service to clients. Perhaps to many is not important, but if we consider that in Mexico the majority of the complaints issued in the FTT are due to the poor customer service in mobile phone services, because I think that it is important to have a service that stands out in this aspect.

Here Simplii is the clear winner, in the first place because it offers support of customer care via chat (on their website), WhatsApp, Messenger and care to the customer by phone. For its part, Unefon has the customer service Centers AT AT&T, phone support and chat (on their website).

I’ve tested the two services, and if there’s one thing that highlight of Simplii is its excellent customer service, compared with other companies, I could say that is the best of Mexico, even surpassing the Virgin Mobile in their good times.

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Here I share my opinion, advantages and disadvantages of each one of the services, but it is a fact that each user must choose what it considers best for each one based on their needs and interests.

Unefon stands out for its price and modalities of recruitment, Simplii is a little more expensive but it offers the best value-added benefits, in addition to that it also provides a better posture in the famous and dreaded fair use policy.

In addition, in Simplii you are aware of the restrictions and some other important details to consider without having to go to the small letters, something that other companies do not pass.

In my view, Simplii provides the best package for issues of value added, in addition to which customers can switch between a plan and another if you need to travel abroad or to share their data, they can contact customer care to change plan and pay the difference for the plan to be able to enjoy the benefits.

Now it is time for you to decide and you comment which one you think is the best offer of Unlimited Internet between these two OMV in Mexico.

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