Siri may be the least intelligent, but he wants to be the most secure

Despite the fact that Siri was the first virtual assistant that became popular in the smartphone, the reality is that the day of today is far behind its direct competitors, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana, but this may change in the future with the recent hiring of the head of the artificial intelligence of Google.

What seems to be a fact is that Siri could be the intelligent assistant more secure, recognizing only the voice of the owner of the team, a situation that does not occur with the other assistants, which are typically activated with voices similar to our own.

The information comes from a document published by the company, where the engineers in charge of Siri recognize some of the flaws that has the wizard, and the solutions that will be implemented in the future to correct them.

In the document it is clarified that one of their big problems is the famous phrase “Hey, Siri”, or “Hey, Siri” which, according to engineers it is a very short phrase, and therefore the team must take a lot of information in a limited amount of data, or at least that is the argument you give in the company.

Any stranger could be listening to your WhatsApp messages through Siri

It seems that the improvements will not bring a change in the trigger phrase, but in the same activation of Siri in different locations and listening environments. But it will be thanks to the deep learning that Siri will know exactly when he is talking about his owner, this way it will not be activated with the voice of another user.

Not specified when will the improvements to Siri, but based on the effort required to do this is likely to come to iOS until the next year, for iOS 12 is expected to arrive in September, and it seems that the time is very fair for that Siri can take part of the role of this competitive market.

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