Smart mousetrap for lazy muizenvangers

Just when you think that almost every conceivable gadget now on internet is connected, you are yet again surprised by something new. Such as the Wireless Mouse Trap Monitor, a smart mousetrap.

Although, the mousetrap itself is not smart. For this invention, you can simply use your existing mousetrap. The iot device in question, you put next to it, where this monitor or a mouse is caught.

When this is the case, you get a message on your smartphone. The idea behind it is that you do not always need to check if the trap has done its job, and that you as soon as possible a new.


The creator behind this hopes through Kickstarter have enough money to get the gadget to develop and requires not less than 12,000 euro. Seems to us much, and the past few days have only three investors money. 122 euro in total. Or the Wireless Mouse Trap Monitor will actually buy, is still very questionable.

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