Smartphone airbag protects against valschade

Everyone knows the dilemma. An ugly cover to your fancy smartphone, or take the risk that your phone in a fall the blow is not one survives. Solution for this problem: a smartphone airbag!

The ‘Handy-airbag consists of four metal springs that are in the phone itself are processed, and pop-up automatically as soon as the bewegingssenor a free fall observes. At the landing, bouncing the smartphone back, so that, for example, the screen does not get the chance to explain to splash. Then the legs again to fold.

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Winning idea

The creator behind this is the German engineering student Philip Frenzel, who is in his final year project. In a contest between several German universities, he won with this idea in the first place. The patent is already established, and then probably a crowdfunding campaign to follow. Perhaps the smartphone manufacturers themselves also be interested.

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