Snapchat wants to return as a Netflix presenting “original stories”

The hope is the last thing that dies, and you know that very well Snapchat, which has decided to implement a new tool to prevent the boat from sinking slowly and end up in oblivion: Snap Originals.

This new tool, comes after the loss of relevance and actions that had the app (down 52% since the beginning of 2018), when Facebook and Instagram started to implement the famous stories on their platforms.

According to this, were born the Snap Originals that are no more than series and documentaries originals, which were designed especially for the mobile platform, therefore, we provide a chapter-by-day that will last five minutes.

Although if you want to see the full chapters or to have more information about the series, you can go to the page of profile that will have every one of the productions

It is important to know that the chapters will come with advertisements of six seconds, in a vertical manner and with a narrative simple, which will include the introduction, knot and outcome.

In the same way, in the not too distant future, you will be able to have interactive elements that will make the users themselves can feel part of the plot, as he will have to find some objects that are important in the story.

Skype aside features that made him appear like Snapchat

The productions are varied, because they plan to catch people with all types of tastes, so that they may be series of suspense, comedy, horror and even real life.

In order to promote the Snap Originals, today will present the first episodes of two of its series: Endless Summer, and Co-Ed, so if there are interested in them, can see them from this point in the app. and Partners.

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