Are these the Pixel of economic who would come to Latin america and Europe?

With the introduction of the new Google Pixel 3 many of us are left with the desire to see his distribution of official way in Latin america and most countries of Europe, however, Google did not give a convincing explanation as to why the Pixel are still available in countries on a very limited basis, and the reason could be a secret that takes several months rumoreándose.

Discover the possible existence of the Pixel of economic

Months ago it was rumored about the existence of a Pixel of economic that would take a Snapdragon processor 710, the processor most advanced of Qualcomm for the mid-range, and with which Google wanted to get into emerging markets, especially in Latin america, where there is no trace of the Pixel.

Well, as the Pixel of economic could be the reason that the Pixel 3 have not arrived to Mexico and other Latin american countries.

The new Google Pixel in Mexico

The people of Android Police has discovered a reference in the application of AR Core on two devices with the code name ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Bream’, which is believed that could be the Pixel economical because the other Pixel Google carry the names of fish, as already mentioned, and it is obvious that it is too early to talk about the Pixel 4, when a year for their presentation.

Roland Quandt, which is another of the leakers important this industry had already talked about Nice, making reference to the fact that it was a course Pixel economic with the Snapdragon 710, although obviously that all these are rumors that have not been confirmed nor denied by Google.

There is the chance that both teams will be presented at the Mobile World Congress, which will be held in February 2019, and Google would be cost-effective equipment that follow the line of los Nexus, that just yesterday we mentioned that you had died officially for Google.

Do you think that these devices are Pixel cheap? and Partners.

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