Sony confirms a “PlayStation 5” but it will not be called so

Sony confirms that you are working on a “PlayStation 5” but that will not continue carrying that name.

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The new console brings with it some questions, the most important is whether the consoles actually represent the future of video games. Microsoft, for example, suggested that their new release could live in the cloud, negating the need to fill some space with a device.

In an interview with the Financial Times, the president of Sony Kenichiro Yoshida said that “at this point, what I can say is that it is necessary to have a hardware next-generation.”

Yoshida did not reveal any details on release dates or more information about the console. Also I refuse to refer to it as PlayStation 5, giving to understand that they may undergo profound changes and get even with a new name.

The rumours say that the companies of video games, including Sony, are working on a type of streaming service that could replace the entire dynamic of the consoles. It has been suggested that Sony has designed a tablet, in which the real work of running the video game happened in the cloud servers of the company and that the players only have to worry about controlling and viewing remotely.

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The same was the vision of when Microsoft revealed their new project xCloud, that would leave their consoles on the internet. That is to say, you will be able to play any Xbox game from the screen of an iPhone without requiring hardware.

Sony has left no clues about the release of a new console, but has omitted any detail. For example, last year the direct of PlayStation’s Shawn Layden said that a new console is coming but that would not arrive soon.

The company has also suggested that the PlayStation 4 is in the “final phase” of his life. This does not necessarily mean that it is removed from the market but Sony believes that it has already reached its maturity and the games are becoming much more advanced than she is.

At the same time, CEO John Kodera said that the company will use “the next three years to prepare for the next step, to crouch in order to jump higher in the future.” This could mean that new hardware would come up to 2021. and Partners.

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