Sony will launch a limited edition of the PS4 Pro transparent

500 million consoles sold is easy to say, but in reality are very few companies that manage to reach that figure, so it is understandable that when this number is reached, it is commemorate in a big way, just as being done by Sony, who launched a new PlayStation 4 to celebrate.

Many believe that there is nothing special, but the truth is that the console is extremely beautiful and unique, thanks to its design blue and clear, which goes back to hypnotize anyone who stares.

Plastic translucent dark blue in color, allows people to see all the components inside, appreciating their complexity, in addition to that you can see much better when the LED’s have built-in light.

The limited edition of the PS4 Pro will make users feel a little nostalgic, since its design is based precisely in the era of the 90’s, where the era of gaming was in full swing due to Sony, who was showing off their first console; without a doubt a device that many remember fondly.

For the moment it is known that this edition will feature a camera PS4 Pro 2TB, the DualShock 4, a control that is also transparent and a wireless headset, Gold, that follow the same line of color that the other articles.

With respect to prices do not know anything in particular, because the company has kept it as a mystery, and so it has begun to protest that could have the same cost as the normal model of the PS4 Pro, or a little higher for all the hardware that you have.

Consoles commemorative that will be coming to market, will be just 50,000 and will be available in all the world, only that it is not known the exact date of this, because it was first sold in the united States and Canada from August 24 of this year.

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