SpaceX wants to launch two rockets to provide Internet from space

With the advancement in technology, we could interpret that the whole world has the ability to connect to the Internet, but the reality is that a very high percentage is still lacking. In fact, there are some countries that have multiple restrictions to secure access to the Internet. However, it seems to be that SpaceX does have a great plan in the hands to deliver the Internet to everyone on the planet.

Next Saturday, the 24th of February,, SpaceX, the aerospace company founded by Elon Musk, has a great plan for humanity that is to provide Internet from space with the launch of a rocket Falcon 9 from an american base that would be two satellites.

In this way, it could provide broadband Internet; however, this mission is still awaiting authorization by the government of the united States. In the event that the plans of SpaceX is to become a reality, the entire planet could have access to the network.

After having triumphed with the launch of their rocket, Falcon Heavy, SpaceX aims to send two satellite prototypes which will test the necessary technology to send Internet from the space. Both are named Microsat – 2a and Microsat – 2b and represent the first major step in the company’s plans of Elon Musk to create satellite Internet.

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Space X wants to create a large constellation of almost 12 thousand satellites that orbitarían in sync the Earth to send Internet connectivity to the receivers antenna on the surface of the planet.

To begin implementing this new strategy, the aerospace company would add a first set of 4,425 satellites to be located at about 1,120 km of height. And other 7,518 would be accommodated to 321 kilometers of the earth’s surface. All the satellites would be in constant motion, which would allow you to from almost any point of the planet, there is an Internet connection.

The plans of SpaceX are both ambitious, as the company expects that by the year 2025, the service has approximately 40 million subscribers. Similarly, there is the expectation that for this year, the service is able to get up to 30 billion dollars.

However, there are still many aspects that must be valued, since the maintenance of the thousands of satellites is not economic, in addition to consider all the engineering necessary to receive the Internet in all the Earth.

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To make this plan into reality, SpaceX has filed several petitions to the Federal Communications Commission of the united States in order to gain access to part of the spectrum, which is the range of frequencies of air that will be used to send Internet from the space.

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