Open Source REST API for rocket, core, capsule, pad, and launch data


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Example Response

curl -s | jq
{ "flight_number": 67, "mission_name": "Merah Putih", "launch_year": "2018", "launch_date_unix": 1533619080, "launch_date_utc": "2018-08-07T05:18:00.000Z", "launch_date_local": "2018-08-07T01:18:00-04:00", "rocket": { "rocket_id": "falcon9", "rocket_name": "Falcon 9", "rocket_type": "FT", "first_stage": { "cores": [ { "core_serial": "B1046", "flight": 2, "block": 5, "reused": true, "land_success": true, "landing_type": "ASDS", "landing_vehicle": "OCISLY" } ] }, "second_stage": { "block": 5, "payloads": [ { "payload_id": "Telkom-4", "norad_id": [ 43587 ], "reused": false, "customers": [ "Telkom" ], "nationality": "Indonesia", "manufacturer": "SSL", "payload_type": "Satellite", "payload_mass_kg": 5800, "payload_mass_lbs": 12786.81, "orbit": "GTO", "orbit_params": { "reference_system": "geocentric", "regime": "geostationary", "longitude": -108, "semi_major_axis_km": null, "eccentricity": null, "periapsis_km": null, "apoapsis_km": null, "inclination_deg": null, "period_min": null, "lifespan_years": 15 } } ] } }, "telemetry": { "flight_club": null }, "reuse": { "core": true, "side_core1": false, "side_core2": false, "fairings": false, "capsule": false }, "launch_site": { "site_id": "ccafs_slc_40", "site_name": "CCAFS SLC 40", "site_name_long": "Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Space Launch Complex 40" }, "launch_success": true, "links": { "mission_patch": "", "mission_patch_small": "", "reddit_campaign": "", "reddit_launch": "", "reddit_recovery": null, "reddit_media": "", "presskit": "", "article_link": "", "wikipedia": "", "video_link": "" }, "details": "Indonesian comsat intended to replace the aging Telkom 1 at 108° E. First reflight of a Block 5-version booster.", "upcoming": false, "static_fire_date_utc": "2018-08-02T15:53:00.000Z"

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