Spotify Lite app lets you have a data limit set

Spotify brings a Lite verion of its music streaming app, especially for users with a slow internet connection. Not yet in the Netherlands, but with an interesting additional feature.

Spotify Lite let you have a data limit set. You can monthly up to 1 GB of data deprived, then you can Spotify-streaming limit, for example, up to 500 MB. The app also know exactly how many MB of them is already consumed. If you have reached the limit, then you can’t continue to stream.

In addition to that new feature, there are actually most options removed compared to the full Spotify app. So you can’t choose which songs you play, they are in random order streamed. Also, music is not download for offline use, which eventually júist data would save.


Spotify Lite is only 15 MB large, while Spotify itself 100 MB weigh to download. According to Spotify, the app is still in the testing phase, and thus the adjustments to be done. When the app is worldwide available, it is still wait and see. Previously came also all Lite-versions of o.a. Facebook, Instagram , and Skype.

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