Spotify for Android is updated with one of the features most expected by the users

A few weeks ago, Spotify included major changes in its free version, changing the design and adding more options to the users that do not pay a monthly subscription. And today, the Swedish company has begun the deployment of a new feature for Android users we had been waiting a long time for.

The new feature has to do with the playlists, and one of the complaints most crowded in the support forums as it is the option of sorting the songs in these lists. So it is a choice that many should be present in the service of streaming music most used in the world was not, at least not in Android, so if you wanted to arrange the songs in any of your playlists, you had to go forcibly to the Desktop application to do so, something that while it was not hard, yes it was uncomfortable the process.

Well, the app is being updated to launch this desired function in Android, but is doing it in a phased manner, so that at this time not all users can do it.

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How to edit the order of songs in a playlist, Spotify?

The first thing we need to do to test this new feature on Android is to install the latest update corresponding to the version, if you do not have up-to-date and you can’t see an update in the Play Store, then here is the APK with this version.

Now yes, once the update is installed must be part of the users that already have this function from the server side. And if so, continue with these steps:

  • Access to any of our playlist (you can’t modify the playlist that is not created by us).
  • Subsequently we select the three vertical dots in the upper right and select the option “Edit Playlist”.
  • Here you can easily delete a song from the Playlist, or rearrange the order by dragging the song to the position in which we want you to find.

  • Once the process is completed just press the option of “Save” and ready.

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