Spraakassistente Alexa is coming to Windows 10

Amazon makes during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is known that the spraakassistente Alexa to Windows 10. This is the competition to Microsoft’s own Cortana.

Alexa is later this year, as app download for Windows 10. You do not have a separate device with Alexa support buying to make use of. The assistant listens to voice commands that you give through your microphone.

Manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo, Asus and Acer are all working on laptops that are specially made for this purpose of improved microphones are provided. Voice commands, in this case within a radius of three meters picked up.

Still no Dutch

With Alexa, you can stream music, news and weather retrieval, smart devices operate, create notes, and much more by simply to speak out loud. Alexa can only understand Dutch.

Just as you have now in Windows 10 default browser exchange, it is later also possible to have a different spraakassistente. By default, Cortana, who knows will soon be in your case, Alexa. Also, Cortana speaks, incidentally, is still not English.

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