Spy Camera Hack

top spy cam hacks with glasses

Gadgets can often be made more useful with slight modifications. In this project, you will see how this guy modified a pair of spy camera sunglasses into several different kinds of spy cameras that are more useful for indoor use.

You can already imagine after watching this video for how many purposes you might implement this method to be very usefull to you. Imagine spying the babysitter at your house to see if everything is going alright? Your kids, your partner?

Or just simply spy and detect things you wanted to see if people where thinkin that you wheren't there.


Watch this top Spy cam hacks video here below.

It is not necessarly to use the same glasses there might be many objects out there which you can use to acomplish the same main target of this project. Here below are some examples of some stuff and tools you can also use and or buy to acomplish this. All images shown below are Spy camera. the most impressive one in my opinion is the water Bottle which also has a build in camera which you can carry on and keep recording stuff.

All Images are having a link to direct buy the item from amazon.com. Hope you enjoy!



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