‘Strong growth in the number of rogue websites’

The police last year, a total of 438 times occurred against rogue web stores. In 2016, that happened only 35 times. According to the National Hotline Internetoplichting (LMIO), there is a strong growth of fake online stores.

This concerns, for example, copies of well-known web shops, that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing, but if the main goal is to during checkout your payment information to steal. But also sites that fees, then the products is not deliver, and within a short time disappear into thin air.

When the police here air, sites may be offline forced or payments will be blocked. An important tool thereby are declarations, of which there are an average of 105 per day find. In total there were last year 38.343 declarations of internetoplichting done.

Less declarations

That there are many, but have been about 8000 less than in 2016. According to the LMIO , there are fewer declarations done because we nepwebwinkels more easily recognize and therefore fewer victims. There is a lot of attention to the subject, including in tv programs as well as Ripped off?!. By awareness the stairs, we there less often.

LMIO-team leader Gijs van der Lingen concludes: “Each declaration is one too many, but set against the ever-increasing trade and sales via e-commerce, we may not be unsatisfied.” About half (47 percent) of the victims did in the 2017 tax return. The average financial damage is around 198 euros per ‘customer’.

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