Let dream become a reality! WhatsApp would have a dark mode

Dark mode or ‘Dark Mode’ is one of the things that is becoming fashionable on Android and iOS, several apps, such as Twitter, YouTube or Android Messages already have a dark mode, and its adoption seems to be growing, because we must not forget that iOS 12 will have this feature, while on Android Walk we also have an option to enable the dark mode.

Because everything seems to indicate that the next company to hop on this trend will be WhatsApp, which you would be working on a new dark mode for Android and iOS.

As announced on WABetaInfo, which is one of the most reliable sources of the industry in relation to the news of WhatsApp, since virtually has been successful in all the leaks that have been revealed since long time ago.

The source mentions that there are many references hidden in the dark mode in the more recent versions of WhatsApp for the two most popular operating systems today.

So you can avoid check your WhatsApp

And though surely a lot of people will be excited with this news, the reality is that WhatsApp is again getting late, because your competitor most complete and strong in America and Europe as it is to Telegram already includes dark mode for some time. However, it welcomes the fact that WhatsApp has plans to join other services.

We don’t know exactly when it might reach the dark mode to WhatsApp, but as soon as we have a lot more information to share.

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