Surface Go vs iPad of 9.7 inches: what is the best tablet economic in 2018?

Yesterday we announced that Microsoft was to submit its first Surface economic to compete against the iPad of 9.7 inches that is also economic and is intended for students. Well, Microsoft is ahead, and today has presented the new Surface Go, their first Surface of the low price with which it seeks to not only compete against the iPad, but will bring the audience closer to the family Surface, its line of devices powerful to compete against the MacBook.

The Surface Go is similar in size and functions to the iPad’s 9.7 inches, but has some other ace up the sleeve that might make you choose for the option of Microsoft.

This comparison could be said that it is on paper, since we have not been able to test yet the Surface Go, but we know what they are capable of a device of this family.

Size and portability

Despite the fact that both are tablets, the Surface Go is intended much more to be presented as a hybrid as a tablet from head to foot, as is the case with the iPad.

Both have a similar size, at least in the screen size, because the difference is only 0.3 inches. With respect to its dimensions and weight, are virtually a decal from one another.

Surface Go

Where the iPad wins is in resolution, and could be an important detail to consider when playing multimedia content.

Technical data

None of the two is the processor’s most powerful nercadi, but we know that the chip A10 Fusion is good, and Apple built it thinking that it will work seamlessly with their own software and ecosystem.

On the other hand we have the Intel Pentium Gold of seventh generation, which does not offer the best performance on the market, but that is thought to not fit bad to all users performing work in the Cloud, tasks of office and multimedia entertainment.

The Surface Go has more amount of RAM memory, and more options for configuration, for its part, Apple has always said that they put the memory RAM that is needed, but that many non-us ends convince.

But perhaps the most important detail is that both computers are compatible with their own digital pens, that is to say, the iPad’s 9.7-inch monitor is compatible with the Apple Pencil, while the Surface Go is with the Surface Pen and 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Windows, or iOS

The question here is clear, with iOS have thousands of apps available for your iPad, while the Surface Go you have the option of choosing between Windows Home and Windows Pro, both with the possibility to activate the S-Mode.

With Windows, you could do things with the iPad, but with iOS you can get apps that work very well with your iPad of 9.7 inches, which on the Surface Go are not available.

Here much depends on what product you like most and you are best suited to work with, because there will always be those who prefer Windows to iOS and vice versa,

What I buy?

If you’re not tied to the ecosystem of Apple, the Surface Go it seems to me the best option, not only because it includes more configurations and is also compatible with the Surface Pen, and other accessories like keyboard and mouse that will also be economic, but because he paints it out to be one of the best hybrids on the market.

On the other hand, iOS is great if you’re looking for a device for multimedia content, especially because it works well if you occasionally work with your iPad to something related to office automation.

But if your idea is that this product it becomes your tool work I would go more by the Surface Go.

When we have the opportunity to try the Surface Go, then you share a criticism far more profound of the new economic product of Microsoft. Recall that Microsoft has mentioned that it will be available in the market from the next 2 of August.

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