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Are you trying to reach a document, website, a game, any kind of file that has been locked, and a questionnaire shows up that keeps blocking your progress? Surveys are a way for marketers to collect information, and many websites rely on them to make money. If you don’t would like to enter your information, you’ll should bypass the survey somehow. This is why we came up with this tool, also because we have received many requests of people trying her and there but those tools did not work for them.

Bypass Survey tool V8  was created because the internet was designed to be explored. We were fed up with being held hostage by CPA Lead and other annoying survey sites, just to see "premium content. " Bypass Survey supplies a free alternative to other services that require downloads, switching browsers, or a fee to use. Also for the most common survey sites we can also say this is a Fileice Survey bypass 2014 tool. This works for all surveys you might get after wanting a file that is being content locked with a survey you need to complete. This works aweseomely with bruteforce it will show to the survey provider as the survey was already completed and the link lock will be released instantly after using this tool.

Never be held hostage by simply surveys again!!.


How do I install Survey Bypasser Tool

  • Minimum requirements to make sure you can run the application. OS X, Windows, and Linux are all supported.
  • Click "Download Now," to start downloading the application. This download is subject to the End User License Agreement.
  • The Application Installer will start and ask you if you want to open or save the file. Choose "open" or "Run" . The installer will perform a limited scan of your system to determine whether the necessary Files software is present; if not, such software will be installed automatically as part of the install process. This is not a virus, malware, trojan which is completely against or TOS. You might get a Legit download manager Application if it was not already being found in your system. This will allow you to instantly get Survey Bypasser tool.exe Up and Running from the EZ manager which has the necessarily implementation codex to run this tool for you.
  • (You can always remove this application from your System Configuration Add/Remove Software named EZ Manager.)
  • You'll be asked if you're sure you want to install. Of course you are! Click "Install".
  • Now choose the spot where you want the app to live. Click "Continue".
  • The first time you open Survey Bypass Tool, it will guide you through the process of authorizing the application.
  • You're all set! Enter required information in the Survey By passer tool ( Link that you get where it shows the content locker ) information. This tool will automaticly Bypass it and you will get the End link which leads to the File or Content you wanted to have.


More Insights on the tool it self:

To Get Started with Survey bypass V8 tool once You have it Open


  1. You should get an application showing exact as the image showing here above this post.
  2. Copy & Paste Link of your Survey from your browser in the Survey Bypass tool Url box
  3. Select the Site from the Survey. You can recognize this easily on the Link that you have copied.
  4. Click on "Check Link"  ( Link bar should get Green Colored and it will start loading.... )  Right now Survey Bypass is taking care of the survey
  5. Click on Download on Survey Bypass Tool to download your file.
  6. Enjoy!!



To Download Survey Bypass tool or Skip Surveys tool click on the Download Button here Below:


Mirror 1   (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 )

download button


We also just released a special version which works on Android, Ios, and Mac Devices

Mirror 2   ( Android / IOS / Mac )

download button mixedhacks for IOS devices

download button mixedhacks copyrighted 2







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