Suspended service of scooters shared Grin in CDMX by regulation

Grin had been very well received in the City of Mexico. For the short weeks we worked in the colonies in the Roma, Condesa and the area of Reform, these electric scooter shared had provided plenty of services to those who downloaded its app. And in fact the mode had already been attracted to the startup of San Francisco, Bird, to start his own service in the capital.

What does all this mean that Google will charge for its apps on Android?

However, the continuity of the electric scooter sharing will have to wait then that Grin will announce via Twitter that its service is suspended until further notice following a regulatory update announced by the Government of the CDMX.

The new rule, which was published in the Official Gazette of the City of Mexico, indicates that those who operate these scooters, or “scooter electric”, must have an authorization granted by the Secretariat of Mobility of the Capital.

The entities that are authorized to perform the operation “Pilot” of the public transport system of a scooter, electric, must have the authorization corresponding to that effect granted by the Secretariat of Mobility, subject to the fulfilment of all and each one of the requirements set forth by the Law of Mobility”, explains the document.

And speaking of mobility in the CDMX, Pontoon dedicated his #TipsNChips this week to the smart options of shared transport in our own concrete jungle. and Partners.

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