What has happened with Android 9 Foot Go Edition?

Once released Android 9 Foot, now we wonder where was the smartphone version of the low range known as Android Walk Go Edition, and Google has answered some of these questions. Yesterday we talked with Anwar Ghuloum, Director of Engineering for Android, who commented in an interview to media in Latin america some of the…

Cloud: And what wave Android Foot?

[embedded content] After weeks of rumors and speculation, Google finally “baptized” your new operating system with the name of Android’s Foot. The ninth version of the rival iOS promises several updates and new features, so we were not able to avoid the temptation of putting him in the swing arena of The Cloud this week….

5 things you need to know about Android Walk

Android 9 Foot is official, Google launched a surprise on the day of yesterday, and even though many users have been able to use them thanks to that the company of Mountain View opened the beta of Android to many more devices, the reality is that yesterday we discovered many surprises that Google had saved….