What do the letters in the names of all the iPhone

This year they have presented the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr, phones that have attracted much attention not only for its features or design, but by their names, since this is the first time that Apple uses the name “Max” on an iPhone, and not to mention of the mysterious “R” iPhone “economic”….

Is it worth the new Apple Watch Series 4?

Each time the company of the apple makes ads that are supposedly looking to be spectacular. In these presentations it is always said that “a lot of these equipment are technologically superior,” and since then, all of a sudden it seems that it is more a question of marketing than reality engineering. And for many,…

5 things that the new iPhone took Android

We know that the classic phrase “is that in Android everything you copied Apple” is false, because almost always Apple copy these technologies, but what he does very well is popularizarlas, and that no one is going to deny. But well, yesterday we saw the presentation of the new iPhone, and we cannot leave aside…

New iPhone: price and availability in mexico

Gone are the doubts and rumors, and finally we know officially the new family of iPhone that have been presented in the Apple Event in Cupertino, where of course the big surprise has been the iPhone economic, called iPhone XR. We already know what their characteristics are, which you have below on this comparison table….