So reacted the famous after the death of Stan Lee

The world is crying for the death of Stan Lee, the icon of pop culture and one of the greatest geniuses in the history of comics. The reaction is not for less, just remember that to him we owe the birth of iconic characters like Spider-Man, the Four Fantastic, Thor or the X-Men, among others….

What?! What Tony Stark is the son of an alien?!

Tony Stark will be without a doubt the key character in the denouement of the multifranquicia of Avengers in the movie of the next year. Since the first delivery, he always has moments that are forward-looking or retrospective of what happens, and theories about what will happen in the sequel Infinity War with the genius…

Filter out the possible name of Avengers 4

Avengers 4 is one of the films most anticipated by fans of the MCU (Movie Universe of Marvel), which is planned for release next year, however, the directors of the film have been given a new clue about its possible name. We do not know if the brothers Russo have given the possible name of…

Reveal why Thanos already knew Tony Stark in Infinity War

One of the genius of the targets of modern marketing is its ability to segment the information and manage it in doses careful to keep the viewer in suspense. Much of that has happened constantly in the saga of Marvel Films and the Avengers, particularly in his latest installment of Infinity War. We have to…

This would be the name of Avengers 4, according to new filtration

Someone stuck his paw in Marvel Films. The director of photography preferred the brothers Russo, who was in charge of Avengers: Infinity War, and the last two installment of the Captain America -Civil War and Winter Soldier-would have revealed “by accident” the name of the future film, and maximum super-production of the house, Avengers 4….