We’ll tell you how to mark the ballot for your vote to count

The election day is historic of this July 1, runs smoothly, and the democratic party in Mexico continues. There is No doubt small, so that’s why we will share the guide to mark the ballot that were made by our partners Chilango for you to ensure that your vote count.

Three Apps for citizen to follow the counting of votes in these elections

In the presidential election there are three candidates backed by more than one political party and two independent.

To elect Ricardo Anaya, the voter may select the check box of any political party or coalition By Mexico to the Front, as the National Action Party (PAN), Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), or Citizen’s Movement (MC), or a combination of two or three of them.

To elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the voter can mark the box of the party Movement Regeneration National (Morena), the Party of Labor (PT) and Partido Encuentro Social (PES) or, as in the previous case, a combination of two or three parties that form the coalition Together we Will make History.

To vote by José Antonio Meade, the citizen can mark the boxes of the following parties: Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Green Party of Mexico (PVEM) and Partido Nueva Alianza (Panal), which make up the coalition All for Mexico, or, as with previous candidates, you can dial a combination of two parties or all of the boxes of the parties that form the coalition.

To vote for the candidate Jaime Rodriguez, just tick the box where your name appears.

The vote is also valid when the elector writes the name and surname of a candidate is not registered in a box on the bottom and right of the ballot.

The laboratory specializes in election issues Strategia Election created a simluador, in which the citizen can practice his / her vote. The application will alert the voter if the way in which he voted was right or if their vote would be voided.

Vote without fail

The recommendation of the adviser president of the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE), Lorenzo Córdova, is clear: the best one for this July 1, is that votes of the easiest way for the candidate of your choice to the Presidency of the Republic, in order to avoid confusion that open up the possibility of your vote being voided.

The official gave this statement two days after the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (federal elections) approved, June 18, that the report crossed with the name, the abbreviation, acronym and up the nickname (as long as it is in the public domain) of any of the candidates are taken as valid votes.

This is due to the fact that in social networks circulated a campaign that invited people to mark the entire ballot with the initials of the candidates, in order that these votes be annulled; and the INE saw a latent risk, it was agreed that those votes will be valid.

Parties and advisers dissatisfied with the resolution sought to have the federal elections the door to the back, but did not succeed, and this Sunday will all depend on the opinion of the president of the box where you touch to vote, it will be who has the last word as to the validity of a vote expressed in this way.

If you prefer to be on the safe side, Cordova recommends: “we did Not state, as citizens, to vote in a more complex way, our vote might possibly be considered as a null vote; let’s take care of our vote, by voting –I stress– free way and in a simple manner.

“Let the baroque architecture and the music, not the ballots; vote in the simplest way possible,” said the 20 June, after recognizing that the judgment passed by the INE and confirmed by the federal elections, with just 13 days to the election, it gives rise to up to 62 different possibilities of voting in a valid way.

Other ways to exercise a vote valid

As you know, some candidates are nominated by more than one political party in the coalition and that means that they go together, but not scrambled: if you mark two or all of the parties who apply to the same candidate, the total votes will be split equally between each party, although all will be added to the candidate. In contrast, if you choose a single emblem, your vote will go to that party and it will be worth it for the formula with which the INE will assign privileges (public resources to their operation) and that depends on the amount of votes received in the polls.

You must know that, regardless of whether you use the traditional cross, a dove, a heart or even an emoji, your vote will be valid for a political party or for two or more apply to the same candidate, according to decide to mark your ballot; it is more, you can even choose different symbols for each emblem of the coalition, and your vote must be counted.

In contrast, if you mark two or more political parties that are not coaligados, your vote will be voided instantly.

Eye: the coalitions for the Presidency of the Republic does not necessarily apply to the election of senators, federal deputies, and local, Government Head of CDMX, or mayors chilangos, so it is important that you read with attention the name of the candidates until you find the of your preference and mark it.

Another detail: if you don’t trust the crayons officials to vote, you can take your own pen or marker.

8 ways to cancel your vote

  • Marks two or more emblems of parties that are not in coalition
  • Brands two emblems of parties coaligados and also that of the other(s) game(s) do not rum-in coalition(s)
  • Marks the name of an independent candidate and the emblem of the other party
  • Write the name of a candidate not registered in the appropriate space, and marks the of an independent candidate or the emblem of a party
  • Cross off the ballot in full, or place on it a stroke or drawing that you do not leave clear your intention to vote
  • You write some legend of protest in a fragment or in the ballot complete
  • You use insults on the name of any of the candidates or parties
  • Drop off your ballot blank

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