Do you love ice cream? Get to know 10 of the flavors more strange

Today, the world of the kitchen innovates at breakneck speed; giving rise to different and original culinary techniques and flavors that a few years ago seem to us unthinkable. What do you think it is impossible that two foods that do not combine can getting good results? Then read on, because you’ll be surprised.

In we have compiled for you the ice cream that we have found to be most strange, and, however, are a great success of sales in their local stores.

1. Cream of potato omelette

A typical dish Spanish made ice cream. Its inventors are located in Valencia (Spain), in the ice cream parlor Llinares, which is well known for having flavors of ice cream quite peculiar as we will see later.

2. Ice cream pizza

This ice cream is sold in the ice cream shop Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia, and contains tomatoes and red peppers, crushed, oregano, pasta, garlic, oil, basil and salt. Those who have tried it say the combination of flavors is perfect.

3. Ice cream pudding

This particular sausage has its own taste of ice cream at the ice cream parlor Llinares (mentioned above). What is surprising is that the result should be good, as there are several pages of recipes that teach you to prepare at your home.

4. Ice cream squid ink

This flavor was a big success during the Olympic Games of Pieonchang. We can also find a similar version in Spain, with the cream of cuttlefish in its ink that makes the ice cream Nossi-Bé in the city of Bilbao.

5. Chorizo ice cream

In the ice cream parlor OddFellows Ice Cream Co of New York, you can find between the flavors of ice cream most famous of chorizo and caramel.

6. Ice cream fish

In addition, in the japanese market, you can also find ice-cream with the flavour of the fish in the ice cream shop Der Verrockte Eismacher of Munich, or at the ice cream Llinares, where they make ice cream of anchovies in vinegar, sardines and salmon.

7. Ice cream ham

This taste as much Spanish as you can find in a gelateria in the city of Bilbao (Spain), called Nossi-Bé. Its creator, Esther Ortiz, affirms that it is expressed through the creation of these desserts, combining knowledge of craft legacy with new methodologies and ingredients.

8. Ice cream of garlic

At the Garlic Festival in Gilroy in California and revolves around one ingredient: garlic. With this, make all kinds of combinations and amazing dishes like the cream of garlic.

9. Ice cream sausages and mashed potatoes

This ice cream was a commercial strategy of the company british Aunt Bessie’s, thinking to innovate their combined dish more famous: mashed potatoes, peas, sausages and gravy, all-in-one.

10. Cream of smoked salmon

The flavor of this ice cream, as well as that of ham, was created by Esther Ortiz at the ice cream Nossi-Bé. In him, it transforms a traditional food such as smoked salmon, in a gentle and creative ice cream.

Bonus: taco ice cream

Some ice cream, instead of experimenting with flavors, experiment with forms. For example, what do you think of a taquito of ice cream? Instead of tortilla, a delicious and crispy waffle. The filling of your choice, garnished with whipped cream and a few almonds garapiñadas. Mmm… don’t know about you, but to us here they seemed to!

Have you tried any of these flavors? What would you choose?

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