Team Fortress 2 FREE FOREVER

I am very proud to be able to add TEAM FORTRESS 2 to my FREE GAME SPREE top game picks! It's COMPLETELY FREE, FOREVER! No more weekend-only teases.

Mirror 1 : Download for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10

Mirror 2 : Download for Mobile Android and iOS


This video showcases the award winning game "Team Fortress 2" by Valve Software. There are a variety of classes in Team Fortress 2, briefly summarized are the Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, Medic, Engineer, Spy, and Sniper. We also discuss Valve's microtransaction store which is responsible for the game being released completely free to the public. All of the items in the online store can be crafted, however. One of the top crafting sites for Team Fortress 2 is "" where you can find receipes for everything obtainable in the game.



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