Psychological techniques that summarize all the “magic” of the psychic

Shamans, sorcerers, and magicians, for thousands of years, have attracted the attention of the common people with mysterious rites and spells. Making predictions of the future and divining the destiny of the people, seem to defy science. Their methods have already been borrowed by magicians, circus, jugglers, and even human resource managers, because behind all of this magic are the tricks to understand. will work magic techniques of psychics and healers. Some of these techniques “paranormal” can help us all in everyday life.

10. To analyze the magnetic field and the aura of a person

What we know: each person has an aura. By its colour one may learn aspects of the character of someone, and their health problems.

Reality: of course, the aura does not exist. A magician experienced will recognize in your tone of voice, your level of confidence, health status, and profession. In addition, the accent will reveal where you come from, and even your income level. Watching your facial expressions, the psychic will also determine your temperament.

For example, the people open and friendly and smile more often. For this reason, in the corners of the mouth and eyes to have visible wrinkles. People with a complex nature often frowns, showing discontent and wrinkles features between the eyebrows. Having these data, the psychic can begin to develop your tactics of behavior.

9. Opening the third eye

What we know: the third eye sees what is hidden, whether it be the destiny of the person, their intentions and their desires, or all of the chakras.

Reality: psychics receive data by scanning visually the appearance of a person. The body language will inform the magician about nature; clothes and accessories, on the economic situation and the marital status of someone.

For example, if a woman to often wash dishes with your own hands, you will have dry skin. Nails short, nail, neutral, and soft skin in the hands will talk that this lady has a good economical, and long claws of red color, rings, and bracelets on her arms is a sign on the desire to attract the attention of men.

8. Speak with the spirits of the dead

What we know: the medium enters into a trance and invokes the souls of the faithful departed of a particular person. The magician easily says the name and even the cause of his death.

Reality: to connect with the spirits, the psychic begins with a statistical probability. There are names more popular in each region. For example, in some places they are John, Alexander, Mary and Loneliness. Relatives with these names can be in all families.

Then use statements that apply to each case. For example, say that a person has “suffered” refers to a death as a result of an accident, a prolonged illness or a murder. When you hear this sentence, the person will specify the details of the death. Some magicians love the special effects, representing how the deceased was stifled to death throes. Impressed by this, especially because people can’t actually breathe normally in his last minutes of life, regardless of the cause of her death.

7. Clairvoyance and telepathy

What we know: the clairvoyance allows us to see into the future and, with the help of telepathy, the psychic read the thoughts of any person, regardless of the distance.

Reality: scientists deny the existence of such skills. In contrast, the seers resort to the method “reading hot”. To request an appointment with a psychic, a person responds to the questions of the assistant to the “professional”: he speaks about his problem, his family and their way of life. Then they work the analysts who study the social networks of the person. During the session, the psychic uses this information when making predictions.

Success is facilitated by the questions of filtering universal. For example, it is sufficient to ask a person how often has health problems. Most will think how the seer “saw” the disease. The remainder will advise you to see a doctor for a complete exam, as there you certainly will find something.

6. Parapsychology

What we know: when you look at the coffee or the tarot cards, the psychic names the signs and visions in which the person recognizes his destiny and future.

Reality: this is like the Rorschach test. Around the world distinguished in the images of what you worry about most. When a fortune teller names what he sees, a person recognizes that what you want: choose the correct meanings, it finds matches. This is facilitated by the questions of the seer: “Remember, maybe this symbolizes something for you or your loved ones”.

5. Memory of water

What we know: the healer affects the water molecules and charge with positive energy. This is drunk to improve mood, get rid of the sadness, strengthen immunity, and calm the nerves.

Reality: the water molecules do not react in any way to the manipulation of the wizards, and the images of crystals of this liquid, popular among the healers, show the shapes of the snowflakes that form at certain temperatures of the air and atmospheric conditions. For example, the more you cold right in the street, the more targeted will be the shape of the snowflake.

The memory of water and the change in the structure of the glass caused by the sounds are also a myth.

4. The sixth sense

What we know: the mage account easily the details of the private life of a person, of which no one knows. It seems that the psychic sees through the skin!

Reality: the magician will help the logic, intuition and observation. Remember the methods of Sherlock Holmes, the detective used with success. Older people turn to the shamans to ask questions about their children or resolve health problems. The middle-aged women with an engagement ring is worn, tired and poorly groomed, often go to the witches to recover the love of their respective spouses that are married a long time ago.

Using these stereotypes and psychological portraits, the psychic offers their guesses. Any coincidence with reality is perceived as a test paranormal, his state of arousal, the pupils dilated and the flushing will reveal it. While wrong views will be considered by most as random errors of the magician.

3. Astrological predictions

What we know: The time, the place of birth and the position of the planets relative to the constellations that determine the character and predict the future of a person.

Reality: the fascination of the humanity by astrology for thousands of years, it has developed the astronomy, but the position of the planets does not determine the fate of a person. Unfortunately, the astrologers believe their own predictions, not realizing that they use are universal.

To see this, repeat the experiment Forer with someone of your friends or family. All will confirm that the description accurately determined your personality. But only the experimenter knows that it is the same for all.

2. Group sessions, seminars and sects

What we know: there are group classes, seminars and organizations that offer you to be its member to participate in spiritual practices, which improve the conditions of your life.

Reality: the techniques of psychological help to attract such organizations to the social strata are less protected. The methods of attraction are simple: the people appear for the house at a time in which only the unemployed people and retired can be there. The risk group includes single women, subjects that suffer from depression and those who are in dire need of support and socialization. They promise a friendly atmosphere, mutual aid, and warm family relationships. The correct solution in this situation will be a session with a good psychologist that will help a person to find love for herself and her life, without participating in group activities risky.

Also it would be better to avoid the cult of corporate (companies that use a strict control over their employees, that require the belief in a single ideology and resort to psychological manipulation of consciousness of their employees).

1. Remove spells and evil eye, shape the future

What we know: the psychic influence in our destiny, change the energy and the life, and their predictions are starting to become reality.

Reality: there are two ways to achieve this effect. The first is the therapy of shock and intimidation, that forces a person to reconsider their points of view and actions. The second method is more common and is known as the projective identification not: we begin to see ourselves through the eyes of a psychic and try to match their predictions. We find coincidences and mysterious we establish a parallelism, adjust the maximum our own lives to the words of the soothsayer.

This explains the unique cases of magical effects. But even they are as a “bias of survival”: some coincidences make people believe in the paranormal, while hundreds of predictions unfulfilled is not interested in almost anyone.

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