Telcel launches in Mexico its GigaRed 4.5 G

Today, Telcel has launched its new network 4.5 G LTE, known commercially as GigaRed, which is capable of reaching speeds of up to 1 Gbps, that is to say, GigaRed will allow up to 10 times higher speed compared to the current 4G LTE network of Telcel.

However, there are still many doubts about this new network, and that is one of the main questions are: what are the devices supported?, what is required to sail in 4.5 G?, is it available for all users? To do this, Enrique Arias, who is Marketing Manager of Telcel has told us all these details.

The first thing that we must highlight is that the GigaRed is available from today for users of prepaid and post-paid Telcel, however, in an initial phase you will be able to reach speeds up to 3 times faster on average loading and unloading of data, however, throughout the year you will be able to achieve an average speed that is 10 times bigger than what is achieved currently in the 4G network, and will be available in 76 major cities of the country.

Enrique Arias commented that the coverage of the GigaRed will be exactly the same as that currently enjoyed by customers of Telcel’s 4G, in addition that will boost the hyperconnectivity, and therefore the massification of the Internet of Things in Mexico.

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But perhaps the most important question is: what devices are compatible with the GigaRed?, well, Enrique Arias told us that there are currently 16 teams in Mexico ready to work with the network 4.5 G, as are the Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, S9 and S9+, iPhone X, 8 And 8 Plus, Bike Z2 Force, Xperia XZ Premium, and XZ1, LG G5 Plus and more.

Likewise, he said that the teams must meet a series of characteristics to be compatible with the GigaRed, and are currently conducting different tests to the mid-range pcs can also enjoy the upload and download speeds of this network.

The last important point is that you need a SIM version 6 to navigate at high speed in the GigaRed, and in case you don’t have a SIM card in this version you can make the change in any Center of Attention to Customers of Telcel.

The GigaRed allows users to enjoy voice and video in high-definition, as well as having the best quality and sharpness that has been experienced in the market today.

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