Telcel vs. AT&T: Who offers the best plan for unlimited Internet?

Few days ago we did a comparison between Unefon and Simplii, the two OMV Mexico offer a service of unlimited Internet to its customers, and with the recent announcement of the new offer Telcel’s known as Nights Without Limit of Telcel, the operator of Carlos Slim adds to AT&T to offer a service of unlimited Internet.

At this point, Telcel and AT&T are the only two operators that are not virtual, and that offer this type of offer, so it is worthwhile to compare both services to see which of them suits you best.

Simplii vs. Unefon: What OMV has the best unlimited plan for Mexico?

Technical data sheet

Duration of the service

Now that you see everything they offer both services, to analyze the details of each one of them, starting with the length of service, as in we both found different things.

In the case of Telcel, the operator mexicano offers two plans, one that is from Monday to Friday and another that is from Monday to Sunday. On the other hand, AT&T offer a service Monday to Sunday, and another exclusively for the weekend, which includes Friday to Monday.

The first thing to clarify is that the plans from Telcel and AT&T, covering different times of service, and in the case of Telcel you can only use the unlimited Internet from 22:00 to 7:00 hours of the following morning, this no matter which of the two plans hire.

For its part, AT&T offers different schedules for Monday-Thursday customers will only be able to use the service from 21:00 hours to 5:59 hours of the next morning, but in the case of the weekend, the unlimited service will begin Friday at 21:00 hours, 24 hours Saturday and Sunday, and end at 5:59 hours on Monday, that is to say, AT&T offers unlimited service throughout the day on Saturdays and Sundays.

Fair use policy

The fair use policy is one of the issues where many users do not get the due attention, and this is one of the most important points to consider before hiring a service.

In the case of Telcel, the fair use policy is 25,000 MB per month, that is to say, we used almost 25 GB during our billing cycle. If the user goes over the limit the service will remain active, because at the end of the day it is unlimited Internet, but the service speed will drop to 2Mbps, regardless of the network to which we are connected, that is to say, even if your phone detects a 4G LTE network you’ll browse as if you’re on Edge.

In the case of AT&T, the operator american not account with fair use policy is not set in the legal terms of the service, hence understand that does not exist, otherwise there could be a demand by the consumer, however, we are investigating to detail this situation.

Then, if AT&T does not have fair usage policy the service operator american looks more attractive in this aspect, because no matter what our monthly usage, the speed will not be reduced.

Can be used outside of Mexico

Many customers of postpaid, both companies are expected to travel to the united States or Canada, there are even those who live in these countries, so it is important to know if you can use the service of unlimited Internet abroad.

Telcel has stated that the service of Nights Without Limit can be used exclusively within the mexican Republic, and this regardless of whether the user has a plan with No Border, which means that you can’t use the unlimited data in the united States or Canada.

AT&T returns to give a blow on the table because the company does allow you to use their service of Unlimited Internet in the united States and Canada, and at the same times established in Mexico.


Well, we have already reviewed the most important details of the plans of both companies, and it is time to move on to the important part, as is the price.

As you see in the data sheet, the prices are very similar, as in the case of the plan of 100 pesos Telcel offers service Monday to Friday, while AT&T only at weekends, but considering that the Saturday and Sunday is 24 hours, then we have as a result that by $100 MXN AT&T gives you 57 hours of unlimited service, while Telcel only provides 45 hours.

Telcel, Movistar, AT&T, or Televisa, what is the best service of Internet in your house?

If we are going to plan more comprehensive, the cost in Telcel is $150 MXN, and you get 63 hours of service per week at the times already mentioned, while the cost of the most comprehensive plan AT&T is $200MXN, but it offers 96 hours of service per week.

Conclusion: What is better?

To my way of seeing, the AT&T service offers the best benefits for prices very similar, which makes you automatically the winner between the two companies, however, before hiring it is important to consider coverage, history, and experience with both companies, so each user can choose the option that suits you based on your opinion of each service.

It is also important to mention that for the moment this offer is exclusive to customers with rate plans.

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