Telefónica inaugurated in Segovia mobile connections 4.9 G of 1 Gbps

In a statement, Telefónica says that it has advanced in Segovia towards the technology 4.9 LTE Advanced Pro (pre-5G) on the commercial network with jobs in different base stations Nokia AirScale already existing and with-smartphones-Samsung S9/S9+ category 18, that has allowed to perform data communications “in a real environment and out of the lab”.

The operator notes that during this experience, “the first in Spain of these characteristics, it has reached speeds over 1Gbps, similar to those that can provide the fiber but in mobility. To do this it has employed three bands of their licensed spectrum in which work has been done for improvement of infrastructures and optimization of frequencies.

This deployment is part of project Cities Technological 5G of Telefónica, which will be implemented in Segovia and Talavera de la Reina over the next two years the first capabilities of the fifth generation mobile and will develop use cases that will allow citizens and companies to enjoy the benefits of this technology.

The director of Strategy and Development of Network and IT Infrastructures of Telefónica, Javier Gutierrez, has noted that the deployment of 4.9 G, that extends the capabilities of the 4G network today, is “a necessary step to prepare for the deployment of 5G”. “Take it out on the commercial network in Segovia will allow to evaluate the behaviour of the network as the traffic generated by the users as well as to test new use cases linked with high-speed,” he said.

For his part, the president of Mobile Networks, Nokia, Marc Rouanne, has stressed that real pilots as the project of Technological Cities 5G Phone are important “because they offer valuable information to achieve an effective introduction of 5G”.

The corporate vice president of Samsung Spain, Celestino Garcia, said that his company has the capacity of providing “the technology and innovation necessary for the integral development of the 5G” and has remarked on their mobile phones of the latest generation are already able to provide service to users of this initiative in Segovia, “which will be the first to enjoy the features and speed of the new technology.”

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