We have to talk about the “inclusive Language” and its viral effect

We live in times that are unstable without a doubt. A new train viral has taken hold of Social Networks, one that is more delicate and deep than many others. This is what we have called “inclusive Language”, which is an initiative to suppress the female and male generic in the Spanish language with the intention of promoting equality.

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It also changes words generically masculine as “parents” for terms with x, allegedly neutral, to use “mothers”.

It all started as a question viral on Social Networks, but as much of the mass phenomena in Social Media, the discussion has already reached the media, experts in the field and up to the Royal Academy of Language (RAE), in addition to activists for gender equality.

Of course, the memes and tweets from those caustic Twitter users have not been left behind and have also done their work.

The matter is that the inclusive language begins to take heights unimagined. The matter already discussed in terms of academia and social science in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and basically all the Spanish speaking countries.

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According to a report in the Spanish newspaper el País, RAE addressed from a debate on whether to include language inclusive in the constitution of Spain; now other report show that the institution is divided on the desirability of adding this trend officially as part of the language.

Although specifically has said that it is not part of the “morphology” of the language to use the “e” or “x” to neutralize the generic male and female. So in reality, at least up to now, it is a grammatical error.

At the level of the social, the phenomenon begins to be taken up by movements in several countries. It also means adopt it, though still timidly, to report on these movements.

The portal mexican specialized in literature Letters Free what is called “a danger and a possibility” to speak of this dual character, which has as a promoter of gender equality on one side of the coin, but as an agent that disrupts the integrity of the language, on the other.

What is certain is that the issue of inclusive language is another example of the importance of Social Networks as promoters of the movement, which many times starts out as a click and a joke, and gets to the point of a discussion that can transform officially our reality.

Do you, dear friends, what they think of inclusive language? Don’t forget to leave your comments.

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