We have a new list of easter eggs for Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel Studios stole the audience with his tape of Infinity War, a film that in addition to being the highest-grossing in history, broke many other records. This much-loved film for its public hides many secrets that only fans of the comics were able to realize. Here in unocero we show you some of the Easter Eggs that we found in Infinity War.

A detail of Infinity War unleashes new theories about Captain Marvel

The presence of Hulk in the trailer, and its absence in the film

Although not sabians why, in the trailer for Infinity War, Hulk appears on the scene of the confrontation in Wakanda, although in the final cut of the film, Bruce Banner appears using the Hulk Buster, in the place of Hulk.

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We have a Hulk

At the beginning of the film, in the meeting they come Loki and Thanos, Loki says to Thanos “We have a Hulk”, a reference to the first film of the avengers, when Tony Stark tells Loki the same line.

The suit of Captain America

After confronting Thanos and his army, Steve Rogers, or Captain America, he has some scales under your suit. This refers to the original design of the costume of Captain America, which contained scales. Also, their dark color is a reference to his time as a Nomad, when he changed his identity.

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Gun shoots-bubbles

In the game of Marvel vs Capcom 2, the attacks of Thanos released bubbles. Although we do not know the reason of this, we do know that when Thanos gets the gun StarLord in bubbles, reference is made to the game.

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Where is the stone?

Here we have a reference to a performance of Benicio del Toro, which does not necessarily correspond to the Marvel universe, but to another performance of Benicio del Toro. In his film Snatch, there is a line pretty famous in which he says, “Where is the stone?” This line reappears in Infinity War, only that in the place of that Benicio del Toro is asking the question, the question is made to him.

The costume of Captain Marvel

A member of the Order Black Thanos brings hung on his belt what appears to be the costume of Captain Marvel. Fans speculate the meaning of this, but you need to take into account that it is not the only appearance of Captain Marvel in this film, but also appears your logo in the scene post-credit.

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The absence of AntMan:

This is a question with which the people ran when they saw the Infinity War, although it was clear on the tape of AntMan and the Wasp. AntMan was absent during the War of Infinity as to who was under house arrest, after getting involved in the events of Civil War.

The end of the film:

The end of the movie, in the scene that you see Thanos watching a sunrise, is a recreation of the comic book Infinity Gauntlet, which ends with Thanos watching a sunrise, only that it does so as a farmer, after faking his death, after having failed.

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