Test: find out what serial killer you would be

It is about Halloween, and if you’re looking for a character in which inspire you to prepare your costume and surprise your friends then why do not you choose any of these serial killers real that inspired movies, books and even video games very popular.

In the following test you can find out what serial killer you would be, although it is clear that this is an exercise to have fun with your friends, and in no time we try to promote violence, they are simply questions based on the information that we know about some characters, which in its time caused terror in the society.

With this test we hope that you have fun a little and especially that you share your results with your friends on social networks, but remember, the questions do not mean precisely that you’d be like that in real life, it is simply a good time to prepare for this Halloween, even the next week, we will have a year similar to no other characters that are icons of the genre slasher.

#ExpedientesSecretosUnocero 👽: All about the Reptilian, video “guilty” of the fall YouTube

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Find out what serial killer you would be , I Am %%personality%%

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