Test: Discover if you could get in to work to Google

Working at Google surely is the dream of many people, especially the most geek, as the company is one of the companies most iconic, powerful and important in the world of technology.

But working in Google is not simple, and it is that the company hires people who are governed by logic and have a skillful mental skills. Already said Laszlo Bock, who is the head of Human Resources of Alphabet (array of Google) that explained that they are looking for people with a high general cognitive abilities, and not iq, that is to say, seek someone who has the ability to learn and process on the fly, that has the ability to join the pieces of information needed to solve a problem.

For this reason we have prepared a fun quiz for you to discover if you would be a candidate who could get in to work to Google.

Obviously the answers are examples of some of the interviews that the company does, and the answers are not exactly bad or good, since the majority qualify several criteria, however, is a good example to see if you would be a good candidate. Success and have fun.

If you can answer these questions you are ready for your job interview

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Find out if you could get in to work to Google 1 I %%personality%%

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