Test: Choose 2 superpowers and you disclose the features hidden in your character

In our times the different superheroes are incredibly popular. Of course, each of us would like to possess great supernatural powers, for example, be invincible, or move around freely in time. What superpower is it seems more wonderful?

Psychologists believe that the answer to this question may show traits hidden in your personality. Therefore, in an interview of the company Microsoft was asked to the candidates for one of the primary charges the following: “what would you choose: to know how to fly or make yourself invisible?” to pass our test, you will find out the meaning of the response.

Great.guru proposes you fantasize and imagine that in front of you suddenly appears a magician. He tells you that there are 7 superpowers and can give you some of them. Look at the picture below and choose 2 superpowers:

1. Which you have wanted definitely

2. The least you need to, you can do without it definitely


In our test, each superpower represents some human quality, capacity and resource that are quite accessible in real life.

The first superpower that you have chosen symbolizes those resources and qualities that you have, but that you do not confess, because you deny his presence. Is it worth it to wake up these capabilities.

The second superpower is the one that you have been less interested than the others, symbolizes the capabilities that you do not have, but unconsciously the you are looking for in other people. Would you like to have a friend or a partner who has these qualities and he/she would be a perfect complement for you. Begins to seek such a person.

1. See the future

This superpower in real life symbolizes qualities like knowing how to guess the course of events, intuition well developed and insight. These qualities will warn of precipitous actions and bad influences.

2. Make yourself invisible

This is cunning, shrewdness, knowing how to get out skillfully in difficult situations. “You go with yours” this to say about it.

3. Travel back in time

Know meticulously analyze situations and make summaries without repeating your mistakes. You know to plan your actions a few steps forward. It is a mentality unconventional and independent of its environment.

4. Having super strength

Courage, determination, spiritual, you put everything at stake to achieve your goal. This person is not afraid of obstacles and if necessary you can use the force.

5. Fly

This person is a lover of freedom, you have the ability to reflect large-scale, look at the situation in general, dominating the vanity and everyday circumstances. Has the quality of risk-taking.

6. To possess powers to heal any wounds and revive the dead

This superpower is a symbol of compassion, mercy, knowing how to support others to believe in themselves.

7. Read the thoughts of other people

This means integrity, ability to express your position clearly and conspicuously, to know how to say “no” and independence to the opinions of others.

8. Skills to learn faster any skill

Clarity of purpose, concentration, self-discipline and high degree of effectiveness.


The researcher will Keep Right, and his team conducted a survey of 2,000 people to find out what superpowers are the most popular. It turns out that men prefer the ability to travel through time, and the women heal. 67 percent of men are not against having a X-ray vision to be able to look under the clothes of the unknown.

If the presence of a superpower to be related to a risk is determined, then a 37 per cent of men and 22 percent of women would be willing to risk the lives of others by having the ability to fly.

At the same time, answering the question, “what would you do, if you had the ability to fly: volarías vacation to the country of your dreams or volarías to a country affected by war to help people in need?”, the vast majority of respondents chose the first variant.

These facts make us conclude that: perhaps it is better that people do not have superpowers like those of our favorite heroes.

Illustrator Ksenia Shvedova to Great.guru

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