Test: do you Think as a normal person or a out of the ordinary?

In the TWENTIETH century, psychologist Ellis Paul Torrance and Joy Paul Guilford studied the intellectual abilities of the people and developed a unique system of tests. This method allows to evaluate the level of intelligence and creativity of the person. Before, this type of testing is used in the training of military, and now can be found even in the curriculum of the school.

On the basis of scientific investigations, Great.guru invites you to test just how ordinary it is your way of thinking.

Below you will find 10 images. Watch them carefully and tell what is drawn on them. If your answer is too obvious, is a reason to think a little bit more.

Look for the results at the end of the article.

Unlike psychological tests of common, this does not have right or wrong answers. The index of your creativity is what so far your answers are to be predictable and how many different options you can imagine.

Look at the responses below

  1. A common person will probably see here a candle in a candleholder, but it can also be a corkscrew that has been stuck in the cork.
  2. Did you think that only are footprints in a circle? Other people see here how a skydiver goes landing (seen from below).
  3. Looks like a compass. But one unusual person you will see here how a chick hungry calls his mom still in the nest (seen from above).
  4. Find some puddles. But in reality, it is a giraffe (view from the window on the second floor).
  5. At first glance, it looks nothing. But, what if you imagine that is a bear is falling from the tree? At the same time, and only see their legs.
  6. Did you see the tire of a car? Now try to see a mexican hat dancing (seen from above).
  7. The ordinary people come here, half a slice of cheese or an imprint of a heel. But it can also be a train that is leaving the tunnel (seen from the front).
  8. Do you think that it is only a t-shirt of a man with a bow tie? Some believe that is a bartender, stuck between the doors of an elevator.
  9. Motorists see here a speedometer, the physical, a barometer. And the people with a way of thinking uncommon may notice here a man of snow (seen from above).
  10. Many say that “someone is hiding behind something”. But it is more interesting to believe that they are a few border police with dogs, hiding behind a barricade.

If, for each image you came up with:

1-2 answer choices: your way of thinking is like that of most people. Or perhaps you have not taken the test seriously and got too curious to see the responses. If this is your case, you should know that curiosity is closely linked with creativity.

3-5 answer options: if all of your answers are varied and not spent all night thinking of them, congratulations. Your way of thinking is rare, you have a creative approach to solving problems and, when you want, you can move mountains. Or invent how to avoid it, if you don’t want to do it.

6 and more answers: nothing can resist your stubbornness. Your creativity is above any praise, and not you fit into stereotypes or clichés. Our respects!

Share in the comments what responses to these images you have managed to find you.

Illustrator Oleg Guta for Great.guru

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