‘Big Bang Theory’ pays tribute to Stephen Hawking

The cinema and the TV have been addressed on numerous occasions in the life of Stephen Hawking. In 2014, it was premiered in cinema the film theory of everything , which dealt with the life of the scientist from his time at the University of Cambridge in the early 60s until his fight against degenerative disease that prostrated on a wheelchair. Movie that Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar for his portrayal of Hawking.

But if there is a TV series in which Stephen Hawking is appointed with regularity is Big Bang Theory, a sitcom us about the lives of a few young scientists working at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). In the series not only speak of Hawking, for obvious reasons, but that the scientist has left a recurring basis.

The team of the series has been shared in their social networks a photograph of Hawking in the set of the shoot and have been reminded of his brilliance and his sense of humor. In Spain, the series can be seen on several channels. One of them, TNT has decided to pay tribute to a scientist airing from 19:40 hours of this Wednesday, a marathon of episodes of Big Bang Theory in which it intervenes.

The first chapter will be one of the most famous of the series entitled, The excitement of Hawking, in which Sheldon Cooper, a perfectionist, endlessly, just fainting after which Hawking would correct a mistake of arithmetic.

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