The sorry state of the new generation butterfly keyboard

The new MacBook pro butterfly keyboard is no better than the Gen-1 Butterfly keyboard. When I have to carry a prying tool and a can of compressed air you know something’s wrong.

Maybe Apple’s robots continuously pressing the keys in a clean room did register that they pressed the keys for far longer, but in the real world, there’s debris. There are crumbs from your lunch. There’s grease on your fingers.

What a real-world keyboard looks like, definitely not those pristine keyboards used by Apple for testing

I bought myself the new MacBook Pro with the hope they’d fixed the issues, but so far the left <cmd>, the <c> and the <space> had become so stuck they were flush with the case.

Nothing I couldn’t fix with my prying tool but are the general public going to be caring prying tools? Because despite the “Pro” moniker, many non-pro users buy the MacBook Pro. These users will take up Genius Bar time with a problem that has a 30 second solution (while moving the pry tool around the key (not too deep, you don’t want to pop the key off entirely and break the plastic holding it in place!), spray the compressed air under the key).

Hopefully, Apple notices from its Genius analysis that its Gen-2 Butterfly keyboard hasn’t fixed any issues at all.

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