The Unix-Haters Handbook (1994)

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The UNIX-HATERS Handbook

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Published by IDG Books, Programmers Press

Editors: Simson Garfinkel, Daniel Weise,
and Steven Strassmann

ISBN: 1-56884-203-1

Publication Date: June, 1994, 329 pages + free Unix Barf Bag

Price: $16.95 USA, $22.95 Canada, 15.99 pounds UK

Now out of print
Now online for free!!

Table of Contents

  • Foreword, by Donald Norman
  • Preface
  • Anti-Foreword, by Dennis Ritchie
  • Part 1: User Friendly?
    • 1 Unix. The World's First Computer Virus
    • 2 Welcome, New User! Like Russian Roulette with Six Bullets Loaded
    • 3 Documentation? What Documentation?
    • 4 Mail. Don't Talk to Me, I'm Not a Typewriter
    • 5 Snoozenet. I Post, Therefore I Am
    • 6 Terminal Insanity. Curses! Foiled Again!
    • 7 The X-Windows Disaster. How to Make a 50-MIPS Workstation
      Run Like a 4.77MHz IBM PC
  • Part 2: Programmer's System?
    • 8 csh, pipes, and find. Power Tools for Power Fools
    • 9 Programming. Hold Still, This Won't Hurt a Bit
    • 10 C++. The COBOL of the 90s
  • Part 3: Sysadmin's Nightmare
    • 11 System Administration. Unix's Hidden Cost
    • 12 Security. Oh, I'm Sorry, Sir, Go Ahead, I didn't Realize
      You Were Root
    • 13 The File System. Sure It Corrupts Your Files, But Look
      How Fast It Is!
    • 14 NFS. Nightmare File System
  • Part 4: Et Cetera
    • A Epilogue. Enlightenment Through Unix
    • B Creators Admit C, Unix Were Hoax
    • C The Rise of Worse is Better, by Richard P. Gabriel
    • D Bibliography

Editors of "The Unix-Haters handbook",

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