Homegroup feature is removed from Windows 10

From the next version of Windows 10 stop Microsoft with the support of choose homegroup. With a Homegroup you can easily folders and files sharing within a home network.

The function Homegroup was introduced in Windows 7. By making use of a Homegroup it would be easier to transfer files, folders, music, photos, and printers with other computers in a home network. In fact, it is Homegroup a extra skin on the top of the sharing that already in Windows 7 was present. The biggest difference is that with a Homegroup only some locations can share and that there is always a ‘master computer’ in the network, that is, the host computer hosting the Homegroup. On that computer is also the master password is generated that is necessary for all computers to connect with each other.

Away from Windows 10

The Homegroup is, however, often cumbersome to set up. Additionally, Windows 10 is already out of itself methods to share files. From the upcoming release of Windows 10 – Redstone 4 – will the Homegroup feature disappear. The great Redstone 4 update is in all probability in april of this year launched.

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