Timehop reveals the data of its 21 million users

The app Timehop, which allows you to recall old publications and photographs that were posted on social networks, was the victim of a hack which allowed data from 21 million accounts were stolen.

The application that allows you to return to the past, unveiled that the information filter is from the names of the users, the e-mail addresses, up to the numbers of mobile phones that were associated to the profiles.

The company announced that on July 4 this year, suffered a cyber attack in the gap in your security that gave access to people external to know and know the data of the users totally violating your privacy.

While the situation does not paint for nothing good, the company stressed that there was transgressing the memories of the users, that is to say, the personal content of the social networks that are connected with the app was not given to you to know and that only the public content could be known.

In order to let them know this fact to their users and that they were taking action, they are notified immediately and told them that by the time the access tokens were cancelled on the social networks, let us remember that these tokens will allow the app to be linked with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just to see the memories that had accumulated.

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In this situation, it has been said that one of the problem that possibly caused this, was the lack of procedures that have verification, since any person that has the passwords, you can access the account without a problem.

The recommendations made Timehop were adequate, but similarly it is advised that you change all passwords that they had prior to this incident and that those are not the same as those used in the other associated accounts.

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