Everything you need to know about the Chromecast third generation

Last Tuesday Google introduced its new family of devices to which calls Made by Google, and although the products had the highest coverage were the Pixel 3, Pixel Slate and Google Home Hub, the company also presented the new Chromecast third-generation, a device that without suffering many changes has come with the objective to remain one of the most successful products of the company.

But what are the differences point about the Chromecast second generation, well, in reality there are not many, even in design is very similar, however, there were many rumors that confused users about the new features of this product, so here we are going to clarify once and for all.

Why Google does not use more of a rear camera on their phones?

Is there a Bluetooth connection?

Despite the rumors mentioned that the Chromecast third generation would come with Bluetooth, the reality is that it is not so, Google does not mention it in the datasheet, and also confirmed it the day of your presentation, so no, there is no Bluetooth on the new Chromecast.

What supports networks WiFi 5 GHz?

Yes, the new Chromecast supports connections WiFi 802.11 ac of between 2.4 and 5GHz, but be careful, because the Chromecast second generation does as well, and some sites mentioned that this was a novelty of the Chromecast third generation, but no, this is what we have from the previous generation.

Are there new developments in the design?

The truth is that, yes, but not so marked. That is to say, we have the same circular design, but now the color is completely matte (no shine), and in the center we do not have the logo of Chromecast, but the G of the brand that is present in all products of the company.

Is there a HDMI connection and USB – C?

Connecting the Chromecast to our tv is still via HDMI, and no, no USB connection-C, but micro-USB, something that without doubt we all expected to be included in this new generation, mainly because it is a connection that is standardizing in many electronic products.

What is faster?

Yes, the new Chromecast is faster than the previous generation, as the company mentioned that it is 15% faster than the Chromecast second generation.

What is 4K resolution?

No, this Chromecast continues playing content in Full HD, or 1080p, if you want content in 4K you must opt for the Chromecast Ultra, which in design is very similar, and the functions are practically the same.

So what’s new…

There is a new and nice matte white color that without a doubt is the most eye-catching, but we also have a feature that was exclusive to the Chromecast Audio as it is Multiroom Audio, so that we can play the audio on different speakers connected to our WiFi network.

But something important that must be said is that the option of Multiroom Audio also will come at some time to the Chromecast second generation.

And the prices?

The success of the Chromecast is linked with its selling price, and this is no exception, because for 35 $ ( 670 USD) we can buy one, and although at the moment there is a date of marketing in Mexico, it’s likely that later also sold in our country for a price close to 900 MXN.

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