Everything that we expect the arrival of Android Go to Mexico

In the next few days will come to Mexico the first smartphone with Android Go, the operating system for smartphones, low-end developed by Google, which seeks to provide a good experience for all those users who do not want to spend more than 10 thousand pesos on a phone.

With Android Go to Google looking for something very similar to what there is in the market with Android One, that is to say, a system operating without layers of customization, no bloatware or unnecessary applications, just services that includes Google, has just developed several applications in versions “Go”, which are lighter and occupy less mobile data.

The most important thing is the price, as Android smartphones Go, presented at the Mobile World Congress has been announced with a price below 100 euros, so it is likely that in Mexico the price hover between 2 thousand and 2 thousand 500 pesos.

What is the difference between Android One and Android GO?

The first team that come to Mexico will be the Nokia 1, a phone that we met in Spain, and which we called attention just by its design and price, while also look forward to the arrival of the Alcatel 1X, that despite not having the date of the presentation scheduled in Mexico, has already been made of the record for approval before the IFT.

Why is it important to the arrival of Android Go to our country?

Despite the fact that Mexico is an important market for some manufacturers of smartphones premium as Samsung, Apple and Huawei, the reality is that for most it is complicated to pay for a phone more than 18 thousand pesos, so looking for better options in the mid range, the problem is that many of these teams do not offer an Android experience as intended by Google.

The problem of many smartphones of mid-range low (except perhaps by Xiaomi and Motorola) and low, is that the layers of customization of manufacturers, deteriorate the experience of use of the equipment, in addition to that many applications, such as Facebook won’t work in the best way due to the limited technical characteristics of the equipment.

For this reason, Android Go is shaping up as an interesting option for many users, because spending less than 2 thousand 500 pesos for a phone that offers an Android experience smooth, fast and without added unnecessary will allow us to enjoy more of our team.

Clear that a large part of this experience it will be thanks to the applications in the version “Go” by Google, in addition to that, many manufacturers have also launched their “Lite” versions for this type of devices, as is the case of Facebook, Messenger or Twitter, while Google must step on the accelerator, and promote the development of the versions of “Go” or “Lite” for Android Go, this way we can have a more complete experience.

Android GO, the Google operating system for emerging markets

What if it’s going to be a fact, is that there will be applications that will simply be a headache, as is the case of the mobile games popular, as many besides being very heavy, consume a good amount of system resources, so in this case you must think 2 times before you buy a computer with Android Go, but I also believe that we can play a good amount of titles without a problem.

But one of the most important points is that Android devices Go will come with the latest version of Google’s operating system, that is to say, Android Oreo Go Edition, and everything seems to indicate that will be the first to upgrade to the next version, i.e. Android P Go Edition, in addition to that the manufacturers must have the commitment to launch the security updates, and operating system as soon as possible.

Android Go is an ideal operating system for countries such as Mexico, and can without a doubt be a huge success. Stay tuned, because in the coming days we will take all the details of the presentation of the Nokia 1, as well as all you can do with this type of devices.

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